"Weber is one of the classiest and most intelligent literary journals being published anywhere. It is regional and worldy. I’ve enjoyed the journal's interviews with prize-winning writers, and loved how the magazine has also given voice to people and cultures who are not heard from often enough. When I read Weber, I feel like I’m home. It’s always been a welcoming place for writing about the West—one of unusual depth, variance, and interest—open, strange, new, like the terrain it seeks to challenge and protect." 

--Nancy Takacs

I am proud to have had my poems included in Weber—The Contemporary Westone of the most influential periodicals serving the interests of the literary and artistic communities around the globe. It’s a must-have publication for any library seriously interested in modern poetry. 
--Simon Perchik

Weber - The Contemporary West is a profoundly thoughtful and provocative journal. It will surprise, inspire, and encourage you with its wisdom and powerful reach.

-- Naomi
Shihab Nye
Impeccably edited, thoughtful and diverse, Weber—The Contemporary West is a fresh and indispensable voice for the literary community.

-- Geraldine Brooks

Weber - The Contemporary West brings the news - of literature, of the arts, of the minds that make our culture. It is a substantive journal whose every number has something that must be read.

 --E. L. Doctorow

Editor: Michael Wutz 

Managing Editor: Alexandria Thompson