Deriving from the German weben—to weave—weber translates into the literal and figurative “weaver” of textiles and texts. Weber are the artisans of textures and discourse, the artists of the beautiful fabricating the warp and weft of language into everchanging patterns. Weber, the journal, understands itself as a regional and global tapestry of verbal and visual texts, a weave made from the threads of words and images.
"Weber is one of the classiest and most intelligent literary journals being published anywhere. It is regional and worldy. I’ve enjoyed the journal's interviews with prize-winning writers, and loved how the magazine has also given voice to people and cultures who are not heard from often enough. When I read Weber, I feel like I’m home. It’s always been a welcoming place for writing about the West—one of unusual depth, variance, and interest—open, strange, new, like the terrain it seeks to challenge and protect." 

--Nancy Takacs

I am proud to have had my poems included in Weber—The Contemporary Westone of the most influential periodicals serving the interests of the literary and artistic communities around the globe. It’s a must-have publication for any library seriously interested in modern poetry. 
--Simon Perchik

Weber - The Contemporary West is a profoundly thoughtful and provocative journal. It will surprise, inspire, and encourage you with its wisdom and powerful reach.

-- Naomi
Shihab Nye
Impeccably edited, thoughtful and diverse, Weber—The Contemporary West is a fresh and indispensable voice for the literary community.

-- Geraldine Brooks

Weber - The Contemporary West brings the news - of literature, of the arts, of the minds that make our culture. It is a substantive journal whose every number has something that must be read.

 --E. L. Doctorow

Editor: Michael Wutz 

Managing Editor: Alexandria Thompson