Achievement indicators and measures for the COMMUNITY objectives

COMMUNITY achievement indicator. WSU promotes preparation for higher education





Rationale for this indicator as a valid measure of achievement

This is one of two achievement indicators for the COMMUNITY core theme about EDUCATION in the region. The objective is that Weber State contributes to pre-K through 12 education in the regionThis indicator focuses on preparing students for higher education while the other focuses on alliances with the school districts.

WSU also contributes to pre-K through 12 education by assisting in the preparation of pre-college students. Current programs and measures focus on the preparation of targeted populations that have been traditionally underrepresented in higher education. The measures include the number of students who participate in preparation programs and the number of participants who later enroll in a college or university.


Acceptable achievement thresholds for metrics assessing this indicator are

  • The five-year moving average of concurrent enrollment will show a positive trend

  • The five-year moving average of participants in pre-college outreach programs will show a positive trend

  • The percent of targeted outreach students who enroll in post-secondary education will exceed 45%


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