Waiver Request Form and Check-Off Worksheet


NOTE: Carefully read all of these instructions and check off the steps as you do them. It is important for you to complete all of the steps that apply. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a denial or delay of your request. Requests without proper documentation will not be acted upon. Please attach additional sheets of paper for detailed explanations.

You must submit a written request using this "waiver request form". Please state your request clearly and provide enough background information so your petition can be understood by those who do not know the details. All requests must be documented with verifiable proof of the facts you state.

Your request must be based on "reasonable grounds." Extenuating circumstances such as minor illnesses, work conflicts, car trouble, etc., are not generally considered grounds for a waiver. Please review the following examples:

  1. Misadvisement/misinformation: Your advisor gave you the wrong information. Supply verification/proof of misadvisement.
  2. Unreasonable obstacles: A department requirement is physically impossible for you to complete. Please provide a doctor's written statement verifying the condition.
  3. Equivalent standard or substitution: You petition to take (or have taken) an equivalent course in another department. A required social work class is not available during a term you need to take the class. Not taking the class would result in a hardship/delay in your program.
  4. Reasonable progress: Waiver of academic suspension policy because of marked improvement in your previous semester's GPA.
  5. Circumstances beyond student's control: The university made a mistake in processing paperwork, the computer was down. Provide verifiable proof or documentation of these circumstances.
  6. Other reasonable grounds: Provide documentation of other grounds for a waiver, that in your opinion, are reasonable.



Your request will be reviewed by the Appeals & Waivers Committee.
You will be notified of their decision by a letter.



Social Work Program
Weber State University

W #:

Email (must be Wildcat email):
Due to a federal privacy act that protects students' educational records (FERPA), I am only able to conduct officialWeber State University business through your WSU email account (Wildcat Mail) or in person with a photo ID. Please send your message through your Wildcat Mail, which you can access by logging Into your student portal on WSU's homepage http://www.weber.edu
Grounds for your Request:
Please write a clear statement of your request in the space below. Waiver requests not correctly filled out will be returned without action. Example: I am requesting a waiver of the SW1010 prerequisite before taking SW3200 because (give details).
Attach a copy of your transcript.
This does not have to be an official transcript,
but should contain the information needed for your request.
Attach any additional supporting document.
Submit your request