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Associate of Applied Science

Fun! Exciting! Yes Respiratory Therapy is exciting and fun! Have you watched the T.V. program E.R. and wished you could be part of that? Bachelor of Science* you can as a Respiratory Therapist. If someone has a hard time breathing, we are there to help. Some of the places we practice are Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Adult Critical Care, Emergency Room, and Air and Ground Transport. If that is too much action Respiratory Therapists also treat and educate Asthma patients, Emphysema patients and help with the rehabilitation of patients with diseases who require long term breathing retraining. Call the Dumke College of Health Profession Admissions and Advisement for more information at 1-800-848-7770 ext 6136 or 801-626-6136. *Bachelor of Science degree accredited by CoARC. Click here for CoARC program outcomes.

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Email: Melissa Eaton

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Email: Valerie Brooks

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As of 10/10/2014 we will be accepting online applications only.  Respiratory Therapy Program at Ogden application due date is February 1, 2015.

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