Virtual Lab

herever you are and whatever you're doing, Virtual Lab Software is available through your browser.

If this is your first time using the Virtual Lab—

If you are using a TABLET, go to the App Store and search for Citrix:

•    From the Apps Store search on "Citrix"
•    Select "Citrix Receiver" and download/install
•    Click on "Get Started" to Install the "Citrix Receiver"
•    Open the "Citrix" receiver 

Follow these instructions for the settings needed to access Virtual Labs on a Tablet

If you are using a DESKTOP/LAPTOP, with a Full Operating System:

Install the Citrix Client for your machine from
Next— Go to Virtual Lab Login 

NOTE:  Make sure you insert your flash drive before logging into the Virtual Lab.

HIS HDM Software instructions for CHP HIS Students

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Virtual Lab Applications

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