Other Major Accomplishments & Events Within the Division of Student Affairs

  • Weber State University’s Shepherd Union culminated its 50th Anniversary Celebration with a Gala during Homecoming Week.  The evening featured video vignettes from the past 50 years and culminated with a seven foot birthday cake complete with Waldo, WSU cheerleaders, and confetti.  A separate birthday bash was held for students with over 2,500 attending.
  • Crystal Crest celebrated 30 years of excellence recognizing distinguished members of the university community with approximately 750 attendees.
  • For the first time, Education Access and Outreach, the Diversity and Unity Center, and the Multicultural Student Center collaborated on an Immigration Forum, which was created to bring awareness of the undocumented student population to the WSU community.  Three webinars and trainings were held and one film and discussion.  Overall, 76 individuals attended at least one forum component.
  • Sodexo enjoyed another successful year at Weber State, opening a Jamba Juice franchise and expanding Lotza Tacos, both of which have been popular with students.  Overall Sodexo's sales increased 17% over the prior year, and we are excited to have extended their contract for an additional five years.
  • The Testing Center served 63% of faculty during the 2011-12 academic year with a total of over 242,000 tests.
  • The W.O.W. Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Women’s Center took place in March. This ceremony presents 24 awards to faculty, staff and students in honor of their incredible example to other women. Categories include: Woman of Weber, Woman of the World, Woman of Wellness, Woman of Wages, Warrior of Women, Woman of Wonder, Woman of Wisdom and Woman of Wit.
  • The Counseling and Psychological Services Center had a total of 4,829 appointments during the 2011-12 year. Of these attended appointments, 2,707 were individual, 528 were couples/family, 546 were psychiatric, 187 were crisis intervention, and 463 were group counseling. An additional 398 hours were spent in various outreach/consultation activities.  In order to accommodate the demands of students, one additional psychologist will be hired for the upcoming year and the psychiatrist will be replaced with a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner.
  • The EMS Calendar went live in January 2012.  This allows for up to date real time, university-wide event calendaring information to be automatically populated across campus.
  • In October 2011, Denise Thiefoldt was hired as a new development director dedicated to the Division of Student Affairs.  Some of the major development accomplishments include 625 gifts totaling $154,321.  One initiative underway is the Allen Holmes Project, which is targeting a $50K endowment for the Center for Diversity and Unity.
  • The Shepherd Union and Housing/Residence Life both increased their focus on sustainability.  In addition to providing recycling, the new residence hall in Wildcat Village includes an energy monitoring station where students can see exactly how many kilowatts per hour they are using.  The Shepherd Union installed three bottle filling stations, new hand dryers in the bathroom to reduce the use of paper towels, and solar panels, which are estimated to reduce the building’s electrical consumption by 5%.  Efforts have also been made to change out all the light bulbs in the Union from halogen to LED lights. 
  • This year, the Student Affairs Technology Department piloted a free laptop checkout service for students located in five Open Student Computer Labs across campuses. Students were able to go online and reserve computers; 176 students took advantage of this service for a total of 630 checkouts.
  • The Student Affairs Assessment and Research Office has continued to build a culture of assessment within the division.  This year, the Assessment Committee developed an assessment progress report to allow areas to track how they are doing with their efforts.  Common rubrics and survey questions were also developed to measure the division learning outcomes. In addition, the Student Health Center, Shepherd Union, and Davis Student Programs and Services completed five-year program reviews.
  • The Student Affairs Staff Development Committee held eight professional development programs for staff.  Topics included disability issues, the impact of poverty on our students, technology and social networking, community based learning/involvement, international students, and legal issues in student affairs.
  • The Division of Student Affairs sponsored its third Student Affairs Academy with 34 attendees.  This three day event educates staff about the foundational principles of the student affairs profession including sessions on ethics, legal issues, budgeting, student development theory, and assessment and accreditation.

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