Grading Standards

UW Grades:

If the student simply stopped attending the course then the appropriate grade is a "UW" accompanied by the last date of attendance (i.e. the last date the student attended class, turned in an assignment or took a test).  If the student never attended, the first date of class should be entered as the last date of attendance.


E Grades:

If the student completed all of the necessary coursework, including the taking of the final exam, but was unsuccessful the appropriate grade is an ‘E’ with the last day of class entered as the last date of attendance.



I Grades:

An incomplete is ONLY appropriate under the following conditions:


  • The student completed 80% of the necessary coursework AND has extenuating circumstances (i.e. accident, illness, etc.) that prevented the student from completing the coursework by semester’s end.
  • The student must have a written contract with the instructor regarding the coursework to be completed including the date all assignments are due.
  • The student must be able to complete this work WITHOUT RE-REGISTERING OR ATTENDING the course in a subsequent semester.
  • 'I' grades may now be entered electronically like all other grades and require a date indicating when the work will be completed. If the Records Office does not receive a grade change form denoting the updated grade by the date indicated, a failing grade or ‘E’ will be placed on the student’s transcript.

T Grades:

A temporary grade is given when the coursework for ALL students registered for the course continues from one semester to the next. The necessity of assigning a ‘T’ grade is very rare and typically relates to a capstone course. ‘T’ grades should NOT be given for Independent Study courses.

W Grades:

Instructors are not authorized to assign a ‘W. A ‘W’ indicates a withdraw meaning that the student dropped the course after the third week of the semester. This grade is automatically assigned by the system when the Registration Office removes the student from the course after the third week of the semester. The student is responsible for initiating this process with the Registration Office.