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Department of Zoology
Weber State University
2505 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408-2505

Phone: 801-626-6165
E-mail: lanishepard@weber.edu

What can I do with a degree in Zoology?

WSU zoology students have a high acceptance into medical schools throughout the country. Graduates also provide health care in other settings, teach in public schools, work as laboratory technicians in scientifically-oriented businesses and institutions, work in wildlife/conservation fields and teach in colleges and universities.

What will I learn?

Your introductory and general education courses will explain basic concepts about nature. In your upper-division classes, you will study cell biology, physiology and ecology. As you develop an understanding of the scientific method, you will learn to analyze and solve problems and to communicate information to various audiences.

Degrees available:

  • Bachelor’s degree (major and minor)
  • Biology composite teaching bachelor's degree (major only)
  • Zoology teaching bachelor's degree (minor only)
  • Associate of Science and Biotechnician Training Certificate
  • BIS emphasis

What is the application process?

Although there is no application deadline, we encourage you to apply early and register for classes. Contact the Department of Zoology for specific information or to schedule an advisement time.