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What is The Signpost?

The Signpost is Weber State University’s student-run news organization. Since its inception more than 75 years ago, The Signpost is now a multimedia organization that documents the happenings of Weber State University online, in print and through video.

A winner of numerous national, regional and local awards, The Signpost documents the important events of the day to WSU students, faculty and staff and provides a vehicle for readers to voice opinions on wide-ranging topics. What’s more, the publication serves as a training ground for future journalists and public relations professionals.

Who Does the Signpost Employ?

Approximately 30 students work at The Signpost:

  • editor in chief (heads the entire operation)
  • reporters
  • section editors
  • photographers
  • graphic artists
  • news directors
  • copy editors
  • and others

The Signpost Philosophy

The Signpost practices a Web-first philosophy. All news is published online before being laid out in the newspaper. The print edition is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Are the Students Paid?

Students who work for The Signpost receive a stipend and, depending upon eligibility and position, a tuition waiver. Signpost staff members also have the option of receiving college credit by taking a related class, Comm 3890A. While many of the staffers are Communication majors, positions are open to all students across campus.

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