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Take a look at how the BIS program has helped these students.

Landon Burch
psychology, sociology and ASL


Kathryn Day
math, physics and Spanish

The BIS program is helping me reach my goals by allowing me to work in all three of my areas of interest. In analyzing how to combine these three areas, I have been able to have a clearer path to what I want to do after graduation.

Linda Dunmeyer multimedia, family studies and art

The BIS program has been the catalyst in helping me reach my academic and career goals. I've always dreamed of writing and designing children's books that deal with difficult domestic issues and overcoming adversity. I never thought it would be possible, but, through the Bachelors of Integrated Studies program I have been able to customize a degree that will not only help me reach this goal, but, obtain valuable, marketable skills. The faculty and staff members in the BIS Department are wonderful to work with and truly dedicated to helping their students succeed.

Kimberly Clark sales and service technology, photography and English

I'm really excited about the BIS program because it combines all of the areas that I'm passionate about into a career that I can love doing for the rest of my life. It really fits my niche! I chose sales and service technology to gain needed knowledge in running my business of selling the barrel horse foals. I chose photography because it is a big passion of mine, and we go on a lot of trail rides and pack trips with our horses in some of the most beautiful back country the western United States has to offer. I'd love to sell the wilderness photos as a freelancer, alongside the horse selling business. I also am taking photography to help in the promotion (on my website, fliers, ads, etc.) of selling the foals and whatever else needs promoting on my ranch.  Another big career goal for me is turning pro in barrel racing and cowboy mounted shooting where there are many needs and opportunities for a photographer at competitions. I chose English because writing is another love of mine. I'm incorporating it into my BIS degree by taking classes that will help in the promotion of my sales, such as magazine article writing, and professional and technical writing. Learn more about Kim's competition in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.


Rachel Faveropsychology, family studies and art

When I first looked into Art Therapy I was daunted by all the requirements, thinking it would take three separate degrees to qualify for grad school. When I learned about the BIS program, my pathway suddenly became a lot smoother as educational goals and interests were more accessible. Instead of being tied down to one major and one career path, I could gain a broader education, studying more of the things I was interested in. I believe that the wider range of skills I've gained through studying diverse subjects makes me more marketable in this competitive world, no matter what I end up doing in life.

Scott Halford - multimedia, telecommunications business systems and technical sales

Scott is the executive director of the Foursite Film Institute. See Scott's video.




Ron Proctorphysics, communication and multimedia

BIS Interview - Ron Proctor from WSU CSME on Vimeo.

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies Program expands the scope of the university by allowing students to combine multiple fields of study into a specialized degree program.  By combining physics, communication and multimedia, I have been able to unite my love of science with my artistic abilities. Thanks to BIS, I am a student of "The Micro-Department of Science Education and Public Outreach."

Hunter Saizlegal, criminal and Asian studies


Tashina Taylorcommunication, psychology and art

The BIS Program has helped me refine and reach my goals in three ways. First, I had extensive help in hand-selecting the classes that would be most interesting and most helpful to me. Second, the class contract acted as clear steps to follow to graduate as quickly as possible. Third, the capstone project has provided a great opportunity to exercise the knowledge I've gained into a professional presentation, which is great practice for the future. I am very grateful for the chance I was given to design the exact education that I wanted.

Darrell J. VigilEnglish, manufacturing engineering technology and design graphics engineering technology

I have been working full time and attending Weber State University since August of 2001. I started with a single major and changed to a BIS degree because of the many interests and talents I have. I enjoy the diverse nature of learning skills in three different areas of emphasis. I use the skills I learn at WSU at work and plan to expand the use of some of them after I retire from my current full-time job. My areas of emphasis are English - Professional and Technical Writing, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, and Design Graphics Engineering Technology.

Tara Whiting music, psychology and social work



Scott Wisercommunication, English and art

The BIS degree gave me the chance to be an explorer and pioneer. I've had adventures in the creative process, research, organization, analysis, experimentation, etc. In pursuit of a career that demands innovation, the BIS program was exactly what I needed. And the journey has only begun. Throughout my future mentorships with professional animators and then my explorations with the animation medium, I will constantly return to the lessons I learned through my capstone project. I view this foundational degree as a bridge to a world of endless discovery.

View Scott's accomplishment of the National Broadcasting Society's grand-prize award here.

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