Internship Guidelines

What is an internship?

An internship is a formal arrangement of one semester duration between the student (the intern), an employer and the BIS coordinator to work in a professional setting relevant to the student’s three BIS areas of emphases.The beginning and ending dates of the internship are flexible.

Please note: An internship for academic credit must be a new, enriching learning experience. A student’s present employment often does not meet this criterion. So, students trying to get academic credit for their continuing employment may be turned down.

What are the goals of an internship?

An internship provides a student with the opportunity to:
  • Put into practice the theory learned in academic classes
  • Understand how to behave appropriately in a professional setting
  • Strengthen a resume in preparation for the job search
  • Develop professional contacts

How does the academic credit work?
Students can earn between one and three upper division internship credits (credit/no credit) in BIS 3850. The BIS Coordinator will determine the number of credits based on the student’s proposal.

Will I be paid?

The student and the employer will determine issues of pay. In most cases, a student will earn an hourly wage or fixed stipend.

What are the internship requirements?
  • For three credits, at least 150 hours of on-site work during the course of the internship period.
  • Weekly written account composed of the following elements:
    • An account of specific job tasks for the week
    • Insights into the relationship between classroom learning and the job situation
    • Lessons learned on the job
    • Self-assessment
    • Weekly journal should be two or  double-spaced pages long and typed.
  • Meeting with the BIS coordinator at the end of the internship to assess the project. The student is responsible for scheduling that meeting and should bring the completed journal with him or her at that time. The student should also bring:
    • A completed internship report to that meeting (here are some guidelines for the report)
    • A completed employer evaluation with at least satisfactory performance
    • To download the full Internship Guidelines document with all forms click here.

Who is eligible for an internship?

BIS students in their senior year with a GPA of 3.00 or above who are currently registered as WSU students, and who have completed at least six credits in each of their areas of emphases are eligible.

How do I find internship opportunities?

WSU’s Career Services regularly posts internship opportunities. Students may seek and arrange their own opportunities, subject to the BIS coordinator’s approval.

What are the steps I need to take if I want to do the internship?

1. Find an internship opportunity through career services or through other means.

2. Complete the Internship Application and Approval Form and visit with the BIS coordinator. Make an appointment by calling 801-626-7713. At that time, the BIS coordinator will decide how many credits (up to three) to award.

3. If your internship is approved by the BIS coordinator, submit your application to the employer, along with Guidelines for Employers Participating in Internships Form.

4. Let the BIS coordinator know when you’re hired, and register for BIS 3850.

5. Do the work you’ve contracted with your employer.

6. At the conclusion of your internship, visit with the BIS coordinator. At that time, bring:

a. Your completed weekly account

b. Your completed internship report

c.The employer’s completed Evaluation of the Intern Performance Form

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