Safe@Weber: Creating Healthy Relationships Together


Safe@Weber At Safe@Weber Violence Prevention & Advocacy Services, we envision a future where all relationships are healthy and built upon a foundation of safety and respect. 

Our mission is to create safe and healthy relationships for all through collaboration, education, skill development, community action, and support. We do this through providing Violence Prevention Education through our online Safe@Weber training (available in the eWeber portal), in-person workshops on topics such as healthy relationships, consent and bystander intervention, and our WGS 2900 Violence Prevention & Peer Education course. We also provide Advocacy Services for campus survivors of sexual assault, rape, harassment, domestic/dating violence and stalking. 

Advocacy Services include:

  • Developing a safety plan by identifying resources and strengths, and assistance with interim measures such as no contact directives and class/housing changes, etc.
  • Assistance reporting sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, stalking) to the WSU Office for Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity (Title IX coordinators), and reporting crimes to Weber State Police Department.
  • Support measures such as advocacy during institutional and law enforcement investigations (including presence during interviews and court appearances), assistance with institutional petitions, referrals to counseling, medical services, legal and financial resources, assistance with possible academic modifications, and distribution of the Safe@Weber Survivor Emergency Fund. 

WSU Safe@Weber Advocate: Paige Davies | | 801-626-6090 | SU 322


Rights & Options When You Have Been Sexually Assaulted


The Women's Center staff is not required to report sexual misconduct to the University. We do have to share some limited information with the WSPD about crimes committed on campus. Come talk to us so we can tell you more. 

Other Confidential Resources Include:

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