Apply to be a Safe@Weber Peer Educator

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Description of Program

The Safe@Weber Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Program is a group of Weber students who believe that sexual and relationship violence is wrong and are committed to ending it. We promote safety and improve quality of life by educating students on sexual assault and relationship violence, eliminating violence on campus, empowering students to become advocates for a non-violent community and positively affecting social change.

Peer educators present interactive presentations that are designed to:

  • Promote dialogue about ways the larger campus community can adopt pro-social bystander behavior (i.e., ways that individuals who witness situations like assault and/or situations that lead to assault can intervene safely in ways that have a positive impact).
  • Increase understanding of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking and their impact on victims.
  • Dispel the myth that sexual assault and relationship violence “doesn’t happen at Weber.”
  • Discuss the current “rape culture” and the ways in which sexual violence is manifested.

Description of Position

Peer Educators will facilitate student workshops designed to promote awareness and safety in the WSU community. They will be responsible for promoting an atmosphere conducive to educating and empowering incoming students to become active bystanders and allies at Weber. Starting in the Spring 2019 semester, Peer Educators may be eligible for a $500 tuition waiver.

What We Are Looking For

The Safe@Weber Prevention Program is looking for a diverse group of people to lead these workshops. Sexual violence can happen to anyone, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, education level, and gender identity. Additional experience in sexual assault and relationship violence prevention or response is encouraged, but by no means necessary. The focus will be put on teachability, enthusiasm, leadership, and the ability to connect with other students.

Instructions for Applicants

Please write us an email ( explaining why you want to be a peer educator and attach a copy of your resume, complete with work and volunteer experience, student group and activity membership, and three professional references with contact info.

All applicants will be required to complete the Safe@Weber Peer Educator training. Students can fulfill this requirement by enrolling in WGS 2900 Violence Prevention, Response, & Peer Educator Course Fall 2019 and completing the course, or students can audit the course for free.

What will happen after you submit your application?

  • You will be notified via email within one week of the application’s arrival notifying you that your application has been received. You will later be contacted indicating whether or not you have been chosen to interview.
  • After your interview, you will be notified via email about whether or not you are invited to be on our Safe@Weber Prevention Team. To be a member of the team, you are required to attend and complete the WGS 2900 Violence Prevention, Response, & Peer Educator course. Is there training? Yes! All members receive initial training through the WGS 2900 Violence Prevention, Response, & Peer Educator course. Additional training sessions are also provided periodically throughout the year. Safety and self-care are major aspects of this program. Because this is a difficult topic to work on, we will help you make sure that you are taking good care of yourself. Training, debriefing sessions, and individual meetings will be designed to provide support for all peer educators.


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