Our Vision, Mission and Values

Working towards a more inclusive, equitable, liberatory, and safe community.


The WSU Women’s Center advocates for the best educational and campus experience for all members of our community. We accomplish this by advancing social justice and by working towards a safe and healthy campus.


  • Intersectionality & Margin to Center - Special attention is focused on women who face additional challenges due to their race, nationality, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, and physical or mental ability.

  • Leadership & Increased Pathways - We aim to strengthen and improve the lives of women, children, and their communities through empowering, advocating, educating, and increasing pathways to resources; in all our work we strive to provide opportunities for leadership, growth, and academic success.

  • Power Dynamics & Advocacy - We are committed to the ongoing integration of, and emphasis on, power and privilege across the core components of our work, in recognition of how gender intersects with other points of identity.

  • Theory, Action & Prevention - We believe in providing students with opportunities to actively implement the knowledge they are learning through praxis (theory + action) to help stop and prevent violence, discrimination, and oppression.


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