Support Tool Spotlight: CatTracks

Casey Bullock
University Registrar

March 8, 2018

Getting into high-demand classes can be challenging. Sometimes students can feel like before they blink, a class is already full. Luckily, there is an option for students to get on a waitlist for courses.

When a student waitlists a course, they will have an opportunity to register for the course if another student drops. Students can waitlist a course from the time registration opens through the first week of the term.

If a student drops a course, the student first in line on the waitlist receives an email informing them that they have 24 hours to register for the course. That spot in the class is reserved for them until they register or that time expires. If the student allows the time to expire, the next person on the waitlist is contacted.

Last spring, colleges and departments were encouraged to waitlist all their courses and expand their waitlist capacity to 100. This allows the university, colleges and departments to measure demand: If a course is heavily waitlisted, we can use that data to determine future offerings and better meet student needs.

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