Retention Subcommittee

Note: The Retention subcommittee was known as the Advising subcommittee until summer 2019. 


Strive for modest annual increases in student retention by coordinating key retention initiatives across campus and by supporting offices and entities who have direct responsibility for specific initiatives. 

Committee Goals

  • Examine various retention initiatives, recommend prioritization, recommend resource allocation, evaluate effectiveness and return on investment.
  • Report on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dealing with student retention and graduation. 
  • Determine expectations for faculty involvement, time investment and overall support for recruitment and retention activities. 

Charges for 2021-2022

  • Continue to scale and utilize the capabilities of the Starfish software to support retention and completion initiatives through progress surveys, flags, retention scores and the intake survey, as well as reaching out to students who have not registered for subsequent semesters or who have lost financial aid eligibility. 
  • Support students transitioning programs of study by verifying the program of study within the first semester, advising students who may or may not have  gained admission into their intended program, and those who have graduated from one program and continue to enroll without a new program declared, and the major and career navigation program.
  • Focus on completion initiatives including reaching out to students within a semester of graduating, students who have 75/135+ hours complete and students who have submitted a graduation application but have not yet graduated.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Documents

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