Starfish Feature: Progress Surveys

Leslie Park
Director, Student Success Center
Madonne Miner

Sept. 12, 2017



Starfish has many tools that will help us us guide and support students as they pursue their degrees. One of its most exciting features is the progress survey.  

Many faculty members may be familiar with the Student Progress Reporting System (SPRS) that has been used for the last 10 years to gather feedback on student-athletes and ROTC members as well as students in FYE, Developmental Math and Developmental English. Progress surveys are Starfish’s improved version of SPRS.  

How Progress Surveys Work

A progress survey allows a faculty member to raise flags (positive or constructive alerts) at specific points during the semester related to a student's academic performance. Each compliment or concern sends a standardized email directly to the student on behalf of the faculty member. The message is shared with the student’s academic advisor, keeping advisors better informed about student performance and possible needs.

What Happens to the Flags?

Academic advisors will monitor flags and may reach out to students based on the nature of the concern.

If the student responds to the email or other outreach attempts, or if the concern no longer exists, the faculty member who raised the flag and the student’s academic advisor can mark it as resolved.

Some flags are informational in nature and may not be cleared until the end of the semester. These flags are important to help advisors know how a student is doing overall and can be aggregated to help us identify and prioritize student outreach as an institution.

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