Engagement Subcommittee


High Impact Educational Experiences (HIEE) at WSU provide students with foundational and transferable skills to become productive and responsible global citizens. Employing engaging learning experiences helps the university create an educational environment that provides a sense of belonging, guidance, support and engagement, while nurturing the development of students’ skills and knowledge. The Engagement subcommittee will work to make high impact educational experiences inside and outside the classroom a hallmark of the Weber State University student experience.


  1. Build HIEE program that encourages students to participate in at least two HIEEs before they graduate which includes the following:
    • Implementing the use of eportfolios to help students articulate their skills.
    • Creating a systematic mechanism to recognize and track HIEEs.
    • Developing HIEE attributes for curricular and cocurricular experiences for student transcripts.
    • Designing and facilitating faculty and staff development and support for including high impact pedagogical principles in the educational opportunities they facilitate.
  2. Expand faculty and staff mentoring programs to mentor students.
  3. Expand campus work opportunities for students and strengthen the integration of learning outcomes associated with these experiences.

2021-2022 Committee Goals:

  • Pilot the Wildcat Advantage program and assess incentives for student participation.
  • Support Wildcat Advantage students develop eportfolios.
  • Increase the number of courses with HIEE attributes on them (CEL, CRE, GLB, INT).
  • Create cocurricular attributes (e.g. Leadership, Mentoring, Tutoring, CEL) and place them on appropriate Wildcat Advantage Program experiences.
  • Create and implement a communication plan for raising awareness and use of the faculty/staff training modules and resources.
  • Continue building HIEE Dashboard.
  • Work with the Registrar’s office to record HIEE participation on an extended transcript.
  • Organize support for expanding mentoring programs and campus employment opportunities.

Summary of Accomplishments for 2020-2021

  • Developed version one of Wildcat Advantage, a program designed to encourage students to participate in at least two HIEEs by the time they graduate.
  • Developed, piloted and finalized eight training modules to support faculty and staff in their use of the HIEE taxonomy.
  • Created infrastructure of GivePulse, the platform used to track HIEEs.
  • Expanded curricular HIEE attributes to include GLB (Global).
  • Developed and piloted approval process for cocurricular HIEE designation, resulting in the creation of four headings: Leadership (LEAD), Mentorship (MENT), Community Engaged Learning (CEL) and Student Employment (EMPL).
  • Developed a draft version of the HIEE dashboard.
  • Worked with R.E.A.L. Projects students to develop a communication plan for resources available to support students in marketing their skills.
  • Provided resources to assist students with identifying, applying and articulating NACE skills and competencies learned in HIEEs.
  • Explored the use of Portfolium to help students develop an eportfolio showcasing HIEEs.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Documents

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