Dual Enrollment Subcommittee


The Dual Enrollment subcommittee promotes student access, course growth and retention of students participating in dual enrollment programs to support the university's matriculation goals.

Areas of Focus

  1. Early College Districts and Early College NUAMES:
    • Increase matriculation, collaborate with admissions marketing and identify ways to connect dual enrollment advisors to Weber State advisors.
  2. Technical College Matriculation:
    • Improve transition to WSU, increase outreach and focus on collaboration opportunities.
  3. Outreach and Recruitment:
    • Engage concurrent enrollment (CE) and transfer students, with an emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion.
  4. Advising and Placement:
    • Ensure appropriate faculty oversight of CE courses, identify accessibility issues for underserved students, advocate for additional advising resources, coordinate English and math placement questions, examine criteria limiting access to CE, optimize dual enrollment advising and seek input from districts and schools. 
  5. Faculty Engagement and Assessment:
    • Identify and bridge gaps for NACEP accreditation, support needs of faculty for CE and meet competencies and learning outcomes.

To get involved, email thrive@weber.edu.