Intro to Strategic Enrollment Planning

WSU retained the services of a consulting firm, Ruffalo Noel-Levitz. The purpose was to help the institution develop a more sophisticated recruitment strategy for attracting non-resident students.

As part of this process, Ruffalo encouraged us to develop a strategic enrollment plan (SEP) for the institution. You’ve likely heard those initials in various conversations over the past year.

What Is SEP?

Strategic enrollment planning is an integrated, information-based, ongoing planning process that identifies, prioritizes, implements, evaluates and modifies enrollment strategies that effectively:

  • Further the realization of institutional mission
  • Build on the institution’s competitive advantage
  • Contribute to institutional fiscal viability
  • Enhance the institution’s ability to attract and retain students
  • Embody the process of continuous improvement

Yes, that is a mouthful with lots of big words. I can sum it all up by saying, “We are using data to improve what we do!”


This SEP process produced a number of strategies that President’s Council has endorsed moving forward over the next few years. The strategies cover such things as:

  • Resident and non-resident recruiting
  • International recruiting
  • Modifying scholarships
  • Increasing the number of academic advisors
  • Increasing the advising outreach to students
  • Strengthening new student orientation
  • Identifying bottleneck courses

In other words, there are many exciting initiatives that will involve all of us in one way or another, all intended to help students achieve their educational dreams!

Keep checking back on Weber Thrives for more information about these initiatives.