Coming Soon: Registration Schedule Builder

Casey Bullock
University Registrar

Oct. 24, 2017

I asked a few students: “How do you design your course schedule?”

The responses ranged from, “I cross my fingers and hope for the best,” to, “I have all the possible scheduling options mapped out on sticky notes and spreadsheets.”

Many students find it challenging — even overwhelming — to create the best possible schedule from the broad array of course offerings each semester. This is where Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) comes in.

VSB is a tool to help students design the optimal course schedule based on our course offerings and their personal needs. It allows students to select multiple courses, then displays different scheduling options based on their preferences.

VSB also allows students to import their plans from CatTracks, save their favorite schedules, and send their schedules to another person. Best of all, students will be able to register directly from VSB.

How It Works

To build a new schedule, students can import their schedules from CatTracks, or they can type in course prefixes and numbers, enter course titles or search by the instructor. VSB then generates all possible schedules with that course combination.

Students can add preferences such as “filter by all morning schedules,” or “filter by campus.” Or, they can block time for work or other activities, and VSB will display schedules that best fit their needs.  

Benefits for Weber

In addition to being a valuable tool for students, VSB has a powerful data analytics tool that goes beyond reactive data and historical registration trends. The campus community can view and download formatted reports with detailed information about student scheduling trends and conflicts.

The best way to see what VSB can do is to see it for yourself. Check out the YouTube video that highlights the features of VSB.

You can expect to see VSB in the spring of 2018 for summer and fall 2018 registration.

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