Weber In Motion

Every journey begins with a single step

In an effort to improve the health and lives of local women, the department of Health Promotion and Human Performance is offering Weber in Motion-- a low cost, group training program for women with a BMI over 30. Participants meet twice a week for 16 weeks for education, strength training and walking at Weber State University. At the end of the 16 weeks, the women compete in the Ogden Half Marathon on May 16, 2015.  Cost of the program for 2015 is $200 for the half Marathon and $175 for the 5K. Program cost includes the class and race registration.

Informational Meeting: January 14, 2015.  6:00 PM Weber State University.

Weber in Motion is helping sedentary, overweight and obese women in Ogden make positive changes in their health. Participants of Women in Motion walk further than they thought they could, improve their health and increase their enthusiasm for physical fitness. Participants also have a positive affect on the health of their families, as their fitness goals and lifestyle changes impact those around them.