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Value of Electoral College debated at Weber State University

OGDEN — Weber State and the Weber County League of Women Voters sponsored a debate on the Electoral College. Kuehls took part in the debate dressed as founding father James Wilson.

Hundreds pack Weber State ballroom to meet lawmakers, candidates, governor

LAYTON — Several hundred people packed themselves into a Weber State University Davis campus ballroom Wednesday night to visit with, query and assess more than 70 candidates for public office.

Why Utah's 2016 caucus is important for presidential, state, local races

OGDEN — This year’s competitive presidential races up Utah’s influence in the national scope.

Nov. 28, 2015; "Former Utah Governor Olene S. Walker Passes Away"

This morning, Utah’s 15th and first woman governor, Olene Smith Walker, passed away from natural causes in Salt Lake City, Utah. Born November 15, 1930, she recently celebrated her 85th birthday with family. Walker served as governor from November 5, 2003 to January 3, 2005.

October 29, 2015; "Medical marijuana comes to Weber State University"

Weber State University students light up a conversation on medical marijuana by inviting a panel of legislators to discuss the topic in an open forum held at the Shepherd Union Fireplace Lounge.

October 8, 2015; "Polls find millennials to be polically dubious"

In a live poll asking why millennials don’t get involved with politics, a majority concluded that it is because the fighting between parties annoyed them. 

October 22, 2014; "U.S. official: Younger people key to nuclear arms control"

United States Undersecretary of State for Arms Control Rose Gottemoeller spoke about the future of U.S. nuclear weapons policy Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014 at Weber State University’s Elizabeth Hall.

October 9, 2014; "Ways sought to prod slumbering Utah voters"

OGDEN — While voters tend to show tepid interest in mid-term elections, an upcoming event about Utah’s electoral process could produce some lively and insightful discussion...

September 24, 2014; "McAleer takes on Bishop in televised debate"

Six-term Republican U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop, left, debates his Democratic opponent Donna McAleer during the first debate for Utah's 1st Confessional District at Weber State University on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014.

September 24, 2014; "Shots taken at first congressional debate"

Utah Rep. Rob Bishop from the first congressional district debated his democratic challenger Donna McAleer.

September 23, 2014; "Sparks fly in Utah 1st District debate between Rob Bishop, Donna McAleer"

Ogden — Democrat Donna McAleer launched a vigorous attack against Rep. Rob Bishop in a debate Tuesday.

September 19, 2014; "Reflect and choose", Op-Ed, Dr. Carol McNamara Walker Institute Director

It’s a tired refrain these days: “politics is just rhetoric.” But this is not the American way...

September 4, 2014; "Weber County debates its form of government"

Panel discussion at Weber State University about changing Weber County's form of government.

August 29, 2014; "Ogden 'citizens academy' to combat apathy about government"

OGDEN — Utah continues to have one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country...

August 22, 2014; "Weber County's form of government an issue"

OGDEN — Has Weber County outgrown its three-member commission form of government?

July 15, 2014; "Utah pols ponder effects of AG arrests"

While Tuesday’s arrests of former Utah Attorneys General Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow — both Republicans — took lengthy investigations to the next legal level...

June 05, 2014; " The Standard Examiner: Girls State arrives at Weber State"

Girls’ State is a week-long civic education program run by the American Legion Auxiliary, in which teenage girls from throughout the state are brought together to learn how government works. Guest speakers include city council members, county commissioners, and even the governor....

May 23, 2014; "WSU Communications: WSU Sponsors Both Boys State and Girls State for the First Time;

During the first two weeks of June, Weber State University will trade purple for red, white and blue. WSU has been home to Boys State for 28 years, and for the first time in its 66-year history, Utah Girls State also will convene at the university...

January 22, 2014; "Deseret News: Reading by 3rd grade should be top legislative priority, poll says"

Getting children to read by third grade should be the top priority for the 2014 Legislature, according to a new poll for Weber State University and the Exoro Group released Wednesday...

January 22, 2014; "KSL: Education, nondiscrimination laws among top priorities for Utah Legislature"

"It's also about fiscal responsibility, and being responsible to our constituents for their dollars," said Utah House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart. "Yeah, it's going to be a significant discussion, it's not going to be easy...

January 22, 2014; "Utah Policy: Lawmakers Preview the 2014 Legislative Session, Say Education is Top Issue"

At the annual Zions Bank/Exoro pre-legislative conference held Wednesday morning, a crowd of around 200 political/business leaders – with Herbert looking on – used special voting pads to give their opinions on a number issues...

January 23, 2014; "Utah Policy: Poll, Big Issues Facing Utah"

The Dan Jones survey, sponsored by the Olene Walker School of Politics at Weber State University asked Utahns to rank which issues the state should focus on for the future. Education and air quality ranked near the top while transportation and immigration policy were further down the list....

January 22, 2014; "Let's Clear the Air: Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Environmental Advisor Alan Matheson"

Let's Clear the Air: Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Environmental Advisor Alan Matheson...

September 20, 2013; "The Standard Examiner: Lee touts free enterprise to help education succeed"

Lee spoke for about 45 minutes, touching on topics including the value of small government, the power of neighbors looking after neighbors, and the limits of the welfare system in helping people better their lives. Lee, a Republican, was scheduled as the keynote speaker for WSU’s Constitution Week, and a guest of the Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service....

October 9, 2012; "Deseret News, 10/9/2012: Former Utah Gov. Olene Walker hopes new institute can restore political civility"

Former Utah Gov. Olene Walker hopes new institute can help restore political civility...

October 5, 2012; "Deseret News: Weber State to open new political institute with event featuring governors"

Weber State University's new political institute will welcome past and present Utah governors for its inaugural event.The fete welcoming the Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service at WSU...

October 2, 2012; "WSU Communications: Utah Governors Kick Off New Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service at WSU"

Utah Governors Kick Off New Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service at WSU...

September 29, 2012; "The Standard Examiner: Former Gov. Olene Walker can't quit building Utah"

Olene Walker doesn’t owe Utah a nickel. After decades of service she deserves to take the rest of her life off. She’s working her tail off to set up the Olene Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service at Weber State University. She wants to help WSU students learn community involvement. Her goal is to improve my community, my neighborhood, my county and city...