Event Videos & Multimedia

Spring 2017

Washington, Hamilton and the American Presidency with author Stephen F. Knott

The Use & Abuse of Executive Orders in the Constitutional Presidency

2017 Ralph Nye Lectures: Boyd Matheson

Fall 2016

Our Declaration: Danielle Allen

Walker Institute: Laughlin McDonald

Summer 2016

Haven J. Barlow interview with Dan Bammes (Utah Foundation), Carol McNamara, (Director/Walker Institute), and Ezekiel Lee, (Intern).

"Politics, Elections, and the Privilege to Rock the Vote"
July 4 Radio interview with Dr. Carol McNamara & Dr. Leah Murray

Weber County Commission Debate 2016

Spring 2016

Walker Institute: Politics and Polling

Walker Institute Panel: College Tuition

Walker Institute: Participation in Utah's Caucus to be Discussed

Walker Institute: The Count My Vote signature Gathering Path to the Primary Training

Fall 2015

Trib Talk: Remembering Olene Walker

Tribute to Governor Olene Walker: A Woman of Many Firsts

Medical Marijuana: Should Utah Do It?

Millenials and a New Politics Beyond Partisanship

Silencing Dissent: The End of Free Speech & Debate?

Spring 2015/Fall 2014

Is Twitter the New Newspaper?

Haven J. Barlow Forum: Count My Vote Compromise

The Future of U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy

Constitution Week Debate on Same Sex Marriage

Public Forum on Weber County Government

Spring 2014/Fall 2013

2014 Intermountain Sustainability Summit

The Value of Internships: TEDx WSU

TEDx Weber State University

Constitution Week Keynote Address

Spring 2013/Fall 2012

Spring Leadership Forum on Education

How To Standout During Your Internship

Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service