Achievement indicator: WSU facilitates community development through public service

This is one of two achievement indicators for the COMMUNITY core theme about contributing to the regional CULTUREThe objective is that Weber State contributes to the richness of the regional cultureThis indicator focuses on student and staff community service while the other focuses on offering cultural events to the community.

An important way Weber State contributes to the richness of the regional culture is through participation of faculty, staff and students in public purpose and non-profit organizations. The measure of the impact of service by faculty, staff and students is illusive. The institution is exploring ways to assess the direct impacts of these behaviors, but the best current measure is hours served. 

Acceptable achievement thresholds for metrics assessing this indicator are

  • More than a quarter of all WSU students will contribute to community service.

  • WSU’s mean ratings on community partnerships will be above average for HERI peer institutions