Achievement Indicator: Promote preparation for higher education

The COMMUNITY mission core theme includes an objective about contributing to EDUCATION in the region: Weber State contributes to pre-K through 12 education in the region, with the achievement indicator: Promote preparation for higher education.

Metric: High school students enrolled in WSU's courses on a concurrent basis.

Threshold: The five-year moving average of concurrent enrollment will show a positive trend.

Metric: Target populations enrolled in WSU pre-college outreach programs.

Threshold: The five-year moving average of participants in pre-college outreach programs will show a positive trend.

This chart represents the growth in pre-college outreach programs over time beginning with Upward Bound in 2005.  Educational Talent Search was added in 2006-07; GEAR UP was added in 2008-09; and the Student-to-Student outreach program began intentional outreach to select groups of students in 2010-11.

Metric: WSU pre-college outreach participants enrolling at Weber State University

Threshold:The percent of targeted outreach students who enroll in post-secondary education will exceed 45%
   This chart indicates the number of high school (H.S.) seniors enrolled in targeted pre-college outreach programs who enroll at WSU immediately following high school or during a subsequent semester. Programs include Talent Search (TS), Upward Bound (UB), Multicultural Youth Conference (MYC), and Student to Student Outreach Program (STS).