More about a culture of inquiry

The LEARNING mission core theme includes an objective about a culture of INQUIRY: Students and faculty learn, explore and create in an environment that sustains free inquiry and free expression, with the achievement indicator: Faculty perceive that WSU fosters knowledge creation, free inquiry and free expression.

Student perception of freedom of expression

The Noel Levitz survey of student satisfaction includes a question asking how satisfied students are with "Freedom of expression is protected on campus."

The average Weber State student response to the question is about a third of the way between "somewhat satisfied" and "satisfied," having improved significantly from 2007.


Faculty perception of expression of diverse values and beliefs


 The HERI faculty survey asks faculty about the concept "there is respect for the expression of diverse values and beliefs."

An increasing percentage of Weber State faculty say the phrase is "very descriptive" of the university culture.

 Faculty perception of autonomy and independence

   94% of Weber Sate faculty are "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the autonomy and independence they have at the university