LEARNING achievement indicator. Faculty engage in creative and scholarly activity

Rationale for this indicator as a valid measure of achievement

This is one of two achievement indicators for the LEARNING core theme about a culture of INQUIRY. The objective is that Students and faculty learn, explore and create in an environment that sustains free inquiry and free expression. This indicator focuses on faculty scholarship while the other focuses on university culture.

Rates of faculty creative and scholarly activity, which are normed nationally, provide evidence of students’ access to research-based learning. WSU assumes that the most meaningful way for students to experience an environment of knowledge creation, free inquiry and free expression is for faculty to actively engage in research and creative activity, evidenced by publications, presentations, exhibitions, performances, and pursuit of sponsors.




Acceptable achievement thresholds for metrics assessing this indicator are

  • WSU’s performance will be above average for HERI peer institutions 

  • Rate of growth in sponsored projects funding will be on pace to reach $20 million in 2030.

    • More about faculty scholarship