The LEARNING mission core theme includes an objective about effective SUPPORT services: Students experience effective support services, with the achievement indicator: Students are satisfied with student support services.

Threshold: Student satisfaction will average above “satisfied” on university surveys


 The satisfaction data is captured through surveys of WSU student support services. The Likert scale is 5 for strongly agree, 4 for agree, and 3 for neutral.

Threshold: Student ratings of help received in coping with non-academic responsibilities will be comparable to the national NSSE average.

The NSSE survey includes this comprehensive question about general support services. "Is Weber State helping you cope with your non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc).

The average Weber State student rating is "some", which is the same as the national average for this question.

Given the disproportionate number of students at Weber with families responsibilities, including children, who have jobs and mortgages, and who  have attended several other colleges before Weber, it is remarkable that Weber is meeting student needs at about the same level as the national sample where far fewer students have these characteristics..


Threshold: Student ratings on satisfaction with academic support services will trend towards the national Noel-Levitz average.