Achievement Indicator: Student Enrollments Reflect Support for Non-traditional Students

Rationale for this indicator as a valid measure of achievement

This is one of two achievement indicator for the ACCESS core theme about OPPORTUNITY: The objective is to provide access to higher education opportunity. This indicator focuses on non-traditional students; while the other focuses on diversity and inclusion.

This indicator monitors efforts to make programs and courses available to people within the region who are homebound, older, working fulltime or otherwise not traditional university students. WSU’s research has established that an important consideration for such students is that courses and programs are offered at times, places and prices that are convenient for them. The measures associated with this indicator include analysis of student demographics and costs as well as enrollments in programs and courses offered at non-traditional places and times and through distance delivery modes.

Acceptable achievement thresholds for metrics assessing this indicator are

  • More than one-third of WSU’s FTE enrollment will reflect online, evening and off-campus enrollments

  • WSUs’ tuition will be below the mean of peer institutions