Achievement Indicator: Opportunity - Weber State provides access to higher educational opportunity

About the indicator:
Weber State provides access to higher educational opportunity, evidenced by strategic offering of courses and methodologies of instruction, reasonable tuition, and support of diversity and inclusion.

Metric: Enrollments by Location, Time Offered, and Method of Delivery

Threshold: More than one-third of WSU’s FTE enrollment will reflect online, evening and off-campus enrollments.

Total full-time enrollment for the campus was 13,244 (budget-related only) and 15,618 students (budget and self-support related) students in fall 2013. The percentages below are based upon this total enrollment.


Metric: Cost to Students

Threshold: WSUs’ tuition will be below the mean of peer institutions.**



** WSU regularly compares itself to a list of peer institutions from across the nation. This list of national peer institutions is approved by the Utah State Board of Regents. In some instances, WSU also compares itself to a set of "in-state peers." These are institutions with the Utah System of Higher Education that have roles and missions similar to those of WSU. Finally, WSU regularly administers national surveys and assessment instruments (e.g., National Survey of Student Engagement, Collegiate Learning Assessment, Higher Education Research Institute.) These surveys provide comparisons against sets of comparable institutions that are not identical to either WSU national peer institutions or in-state peers.