Achievement Indicator: Programs and Degrees are Responsive to Student Needs

Rationale for this indicator as a valid measure of achievement

This is the achievement indicator for the ACCESS core theme about responsive DEGREES: The objective is to offer responsive associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees in liberal arts, sciences, technical and professional fields.

Responsiveness to student needs is assessed by measuring enrollment trends against regional populations. The underlying assumption is that enrollments reflect the value students perceive in a WSU degrees.

Acceptable achievement thresholds for metrics assessing this indicator are

  • WSU's yield from primary feeder high schools will exceed 65 percent

  • WSU's enrollment will increase at a rate that will equal or exceed 30,000 students in 2030.

  • Reflecting WSU’s dual mission of serving as a regional university and meeting the community college needs of the region, WSU distribution of degrees will reflect a balance of associate, bachelors and masters degrees.  

  • Institutional reputation will be positive and trends will be favorable