Achievement Indicator: Programs and degrees are responsive to student needs

About the indicator:
Weber State offers responsive associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees in liberal arts, sciences, technical and professional fields.

This page presents the established thresholds and measures for each of the metrics used to assess the indicator of achievement.

Metric: Yield for Primary High School

Threshold: WSU’s overall yield from primary feeder high schools will exceed 60 percent

Yield is the percentage of students who enroll in Weber State out of those who apply. It reflects Weber's status as a first-choice university and therefore a reflection of responsiveness in meeting student needs. 



Metric: Enrollments

Threshold: WSU’s enrollment will increase at a rate that will equal or exceed 30,000 students in 2030.






Metric: Distribution of Graduates

Threshold: Reflecting WSU’s dual mission of serving as a regional university and meeting the community college needs of the region, WSU distribution of degrees will reflect a commitment to both associate and bachelors degrees, with at least 40% of all degrees being associate degrees and 40% of all degrees being bachelor degrees.




Metric: Community Perception

Threshold: Mean community perception scores of WSU quality will maintain or increase.

The general community survey administered by Weber State to residents in Weber, Davis and Salt Lake counties (2013) included the item "I would like to list some universities and ask you to rate the overall quality of the education they provide based on what you may have heard about them. Please use the scale excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor. The first is...(selected in random order)