Mission core theme - LEARNING

Mission alignment of the LEARNING core theme

WSU is first and foremost an institution of higher education that provides and supports “excellent learning experiences for students” in an environment that values “freedom of expression” and engaged learning through “extensive personal contact among faculty, staff and students in and out of the classroom” and “research, artistic expression, public service and community-based learning.”

The LEARNING  theme has four objectives and associated indicators of achievement

LEARNING objective A is about student ENGAGEMENT:  Students experience an engaging learning environment founded on extensive personal contact among faculty, staff and students in and out of the classroom

  1. Achievement indicator: Students participate in learning experiences such as undergraduate research, service learning, involvement and other forms of experience-based learning and metrics for monitoring achievement are rates of student participation in engaged learning experiences.
  2. Achievement indicatorStudents experience extensive contact with faculty, staff and other students and achievement metrics are student perceptions of contact with faculty and class size. 

LEARNING objective B is about SUPPORT for students: Students receive effective educational support

  1. Achievement indicatorStudents are satisfied with student support services with achievement metrics of student  satisfaction with services and achievement of learning outcomes.

LEARNING objective C is about student SUCCESS: Students learn to succeed as educated persons and professionals

  1. Achievement indicatorStudents achieve General Education learning goals with achievement metrics indicating attainment of general education learning goals established for the General Education Depth and Breath requirements. 

  2. Achievement indicatorStudents achieve the learning goals of Major programs with achievement metrics indicating attainment of program learning goals through performance as document by departmental assessment activities. 

LEARNING objective D is about INQUIRY: Students and faculty learn, explore and create in an environment that sustains free inquiry and free expression

  • Achievement indicatorFaculty and students engage in creative and scholarly activity with achievement metrics of faculty creative and scholarly activity, and sponsored projects
  • Achievement indicator: Faculty and students perceive that Weber State fosters knowledge creation, free inquiry and free expression with achievement metrics of faculty perceptions of the learning environment