Mission core theme - COMMUNITY

Mission alignment of the COMMUNITY core theme:

“Public service and community-based learning” represent both pedagogical emphases and community commitments. For “the university [to] serve[s] as an educational, cultural and economic leader for the region,” WSU must be an active participant in regional learning endeavors and the social and economic life of the community.

The COMMUNITY theme has three objectives and associated indicators of achievement:

COMMUNITY objective A is about EDUCATION in the region: Weber State contributes to pre-K through 12 education in the region
  1. Achievement indicatorWSU contributes to Pre K-12 education and professional development and the metrics for monitoring achievement are active partnerships with K-12 educators and enrollments in contract teacher education programs.
  2. Achievement indicator Promote preparation for higher education and the metrics for monitoring achievement are concurrent WSU enrollments in local high schools and the success of WSU outreach programs in local high schools
COMMUNITY objective B is about the regional CULTURE: Weber State contributes to the richness of the regional culture
  1. Achievement indicator: The community participates in a diverse offering of WSU events and the metrics are community participation in WSU athletic and cultural events.
  2. Achievement indicator: WSU facilitates community development through public service and the metrics are public service activity by students and faculty.
COMMUNITY objective C is about the regional ECONOMY: Weber State contributes to the economic development of the region
  1. Achievement indicator: Weber State facilitates economic development in the region through professional development and technical support and the metrics are enrollments in non-credit offerings and development of regional businesses through the Small Business Development Center and USTAR.