Mission Core Theme - ACCESS

Mission alignment of the ACCESS core theme

WSU serves communities with significant socio-economic and cultural differences. As the “educational, cultural and economic leader for the region,” WSU strives to provide meaningful access for prospective students to educational programs that respond to student and market needs.

The ACCESS core theme has three objectives and associated indicators of achievement

ACCESS objective A is about responsive DEGREES: Weber State offers responsive associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees in liberal arts, sciences, technical and professional fields 

  1. Achievement indicatorPrograms and degrees are responsive to student needs with metrics for monitoring achievement of (a) yield for primary high schools, (b) enrollments, (c) distribution of graduates, and (d) institutional reputation.

ACCESS objective B is about student ACHIEVEMENT: Students progress in their programs of study 

  1. Achievement indicator: Students earn degrees with metrics for monitoring achievement of (a) retention, (b) graduation rates, and (c) degrees awarded per FTE student.
  2. Achievement indicatorGraduates have "next step" success with the metrics for monitoring achievement of careers and employment and success in graduate school placement.

ACCESS objective C is about OPPORTUNITY for a higher education: Weber State provides access to higher educational opportunity

  1. Achievement indicatorStudent enrollments reflect support for non-traditional students with metrics for monitoring achievement of (a) enrollments by location, time offered and method of delivery (i.e., online) and (b) cost to students.
  2. Achievement indicatorStudent enrollments reflect diversity and inclusion with metrics for monitoring achievement of (a) enrollments by ethnicity and (b) enrollments of low income students.