Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Goals for 2015-16

1. Improve our graduation rates by establishing a more proactive, more obvious “Culture of completion” across campus.

- make orientation mandatory;
- ensure that all programs have degree maps;
- encourage faculty to use our Early Alert Reporting system more extensively;
- contact students who are close to graduation and encourage them to complete;
- consider summer scholarships for those close enough to graduate by end of summer;
- establish ‘student-success’ as a key component in hiring of all faculty (tenure line, instructors, adjuncts); send this message       through required application documents and search committee questions

2. Analyze and establish remedies for bottlenecks and low-completion classes that stop students on the pathway toward graduation. Work with new HS Math requirements, with Developmental Math, General Education committees and Math faculty to determine reasonable pathways for student success in quantitative literacy.

3. Engage in predictive analytics to identify cohorts of students that may need interventions of various sorts to help get them to graduation. Provide those interventions.

4. Empower chairs to lead their departments into the future by encouraging creativity and change, especially with respect to curriculum and pedagogical practices. Enhance chair stipends.

5. Listen to all departments to get a clear sense of where our strengths are and what areas we might develop further. Complete round of meetings by May 2016.

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