University Council For Teacher Education

The University Council for Teacher Education (UCTE) serves as the coordinating council for shared teacher education licensure programs university-wide. UCTE approves curriculum and program related policies for the shared licensing programs; its members are liaisons to their colleges and departments regarding information related to teacher education.

UCTE has the following three primary responsibilities:

1) Curriculum and Program Related Policy Approval for Shared Licensure Programs
· Study, recommend, and approve substantive curriculum proposals
· Provide recommendations and policies for the placement and evaluation of student teachers
· Assist in the accreditation of teacher education licensure programs
· Assist with assessments, surveys, and studies related to various aspects of teacher education
· Promote greater coordination and cooperation among programs
· Review for possible approval program additions and deletions that impact teacher education.

2) Information Sharing with Colleges and Departments
· Develop processes and channels by which materials and information relevant to teacher education can be disseminated
· Discuss educational theories and best practices related to teacher preparation
· Discuss issues and concerns regarding the preparation of teachers
· Members will report actions and discussions of UCTE in their respective college teacher education council
· Host meetings that include all members of the campus teacher education faculty and/or district personnel as needed.

3) Advisory
· Review the outcomes assessment processes and provide information and recommendations to individuals involved in teacher education
· Provide feedback, suggestions, and ideas related to other non-shared, non-licensure education programs as invited to do so

2012-2013 Members

Chair:  Jack Rasmussen - Dean College of Education
Co-Chair: Adam Johnston (College of Science)
Assistant: Natalie Struhs

David Byrd (College of Education)
Dixie Blackinton
(College of Science)
Geri Conlin (College of Education)

Hal Elliot (College of Social & Behavioral Sciences)
Jack Mayhew (Chair, Teacher Education)
Jeff Stokes (College of Arts & Humanities)
K. Stevenson (College of Arts & Humanities)
Kimberly Tribe (WSU Education Student Senator)
LaRae Larkin (College of Social & Behavioral Sciences)
Rich Fry (College of Applied Science & Technology)
(District Representative)