Weber State Green Department Certification Program

What is a green team?

A Green Team is a self organized group whose purpose is to  support sustainability initiatives within their department. Green Teams help create a core group of people across campus with the common goal of implementing the changes needed to help the University meet its Climate Action Plan goals. The Energy and Sustainability Office will work directly with the Green Team to achieve sustainability points and ultimately department certification. Contact Kayla Hickman (x 6539) in the Energy and Sustainability Office if your department would like to start a Green Team.

Why should your department participate?

As a University we have already made great strides in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions & environmental impact, but there is still much more to do.Your participation can help WSU meet its progressive sustainability goals. We can’t meet these goals without you! Get recognized, rewarded, increase staff morale and make a positive impact.

How will the program work?

  1. Obtain Department approval to participate (If desired invite the Energy & Sustainability Office to present the program to your department)
  2. Establish Department Green Team and meet program prerequisites
  3. Energy & Sustainability Office (ESO) confirms that prerequisites have been met and conducts initial Department audit
  4. ESO provides Green Team with audit results
  5. Green Team meets to decide which points the Department will pursue (ESO may be invited to this meeting if desired)
  6. Green Team works with the Department (and ESO if desired) to achieve program points
  7. Obtain recognition and get rewarded for your Department's achievements
  8. Continue to work towards higher levels of achievement

To learn about the different certification levels and points, download the Green Department Checklist.