Our Mission

Environmental Ambassadors is a peer to peer educational outreach program that is focused on creating a sustainable campus community.
Weber State University (WSU) Environmental Ambassadors aim to build a campus culture where sustainability is integrated into every aspect of daily life, where recycling and energy efficiency are second-nature, and where living a green lifestyle is a central aspect of what it means to be a part of the WSU community. They are also responsible for educating the WSU community about the university’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2050 and expand upon the projects and investments WSU has made towards sustainability thus far.

Our Purpose is to:

  • Train a core group of students as environmental educators and activists
  • Provide leadership and service opportunities invlovling the environment and sustainability on and off campus.
  • To increase overall student awareness of environmental actions and ways to effect individual change on campus
  • To create community partnerships and preserve the natural landscapes surrounding WSU
  • Institutionalize environmental stewardship within the student body and beyond. 

See What We've Done:

Every year, the Ambassadors have a set amount of money from the Student Fee Recommendations Committee to implement projects and programs. As a group we also hold many events to help educated students on sustainably focused  subjects.

Check out what we have done every year!

Fall 2017 Alternative Fall Break: Environmental Ambassadors help Community Rebuilds build sustainable straw bale homes for low-income families in Moab, Utah.


For More Information:


President: Kyia Hill

Email: kyiahill@weber.edu


Vice President: Aimee Urbina 

Email: aimeeurbina@weber.edu


EA Phone: 801-626-6539.



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Join us for our Spring Trail Dig! Every spring semester we host a Trail Dig where we take a hike to our trail and clean up any trash we see along the way.