Utah Storytellers

We would like to thank all of our 2017 Utah Storytellers pictured below. We hope that many of them will come back and story with us in 2018.

  • Laurie Allen

    Laurie Allen entertains with American folktales and beyond as well as ghostly encounters, often using music.  Laurie has worked with the Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours since its inception.  She teaches music, performs in local plays, and heads the annual Clearfield Storytelling Festival.


  • Kristen Clay

    Kristen Clay has circled the globe as a storyteller, actor, and teacher. She tells ancient mythology blended with modern phenomena, folk tales, stories of people of courage, personal tales, and true ghost stories. She is also the owner of Story Tours, Ogden and SLC Ghost Tours.


  • Cherie Davis

    Cherie Davis is an engaging teller that caused a child to yell “You rock!” at the end of her performance.  She heads an annual Story Camp for youth.  She also taught storytelling in schools, lectured in universities, and recently released her book “Spooks and Saints”.



  • Suzanne Decaria

    Suzanne Decaria promotes literacy through the arts by being a storyteller, writer and educator.  She writes her own poems and stories that bring out the humor in everyday situations.  She firmly believes that you can educate as you entertain.


  • Annie & Dan Eastmond

    Harvest Home (Annie & Dan Eastmond) are a husband and wife singing duo who play six different instruments between them—guitar, fiddle, concertina, mandolin, banjo, and pennywhistle.  Dan is a college administrator and Annie is a librarian who does an online storytime initiative called StorySpace.


  • Joan Effiong

    Joan Effiong tells stories from her childhood in Nigeria that teach lessons in comprehension and problem solving.  In the last 11 years she has participated in many venues.  Joan has a master’s degree from Brigham Young University in Communications.


  • Carol Esterreicher

    Carol Esterreicher received the 2011 ORACLE award for Leadership and Service in the Western Region through the National Storytelling Network, especially with establishing storytelling on www.nowplayingutah.com.  She is a Utah Storytelling Guild member and is famous for telling spoonerisms.


  • Stephen Gashler

    Stephen Gashler uses his own material when he performs throughout Utah as a puppeteer and storyteller.  He has been doing this for years with his wife, Teresa.  He is the author of the young adult fantasy novel “The Bent Sword.”


  • Wendy Gourley

    Wendy Gourley loves designing and performing material for all kinds of audiences, including schools, libraries, festivals, dance companies, symphonies, and theaters. Wendy teaches storytelling at UVU and is the Artistic Director for the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference.


  • Rachel Hedman

    Rachel Hedman, M.A. received a national storytelling award for service and leadership. She completed her Storytelling Masters and celebrated 23 years as a storyteller. As Story Crossroads Executive Director, she will help with the 2nd Annual Story Crossroads on May 24, 2017 in Murray, Utah to become worldwide.


  • Suzanne Hudson

    Suzanne Hudson tells inspiring stories of discovery and adventure from Utah’s past, often stepping into 1st person historical characters in the Chautauqua tradition.  She is a member of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts and past president of the Utah Storytelling Guild.


  • George McEwan

    George McEwan is armed with the experience of a misspent childhood and frequent international travel mishaps, and it’s hard to tell truth from the tall tales he spins.  He currently is five-time winner of “Utah’s Biggest Liar” through the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.


  • Jean Andra Miller

    Jean Andra Miller shared legends and fables of French-speaking lands with her students when she taught French Studies at WSU for 34 years.  She has received the Karen J. Ashton Storytelling Award.  She’s one of our Bilingual Voices and serves on the Festival Committee. 


  • Janine Nishiguchi

    Janine Nishiguchi has tales to tickle your ears and engage each listener.  She is a two-time Utah Storytelling Guild president and a children’s librarian.  She started a youth storytelling festival in her local elementary and started a Davis County chapter of USG in 2012.


  • Ginger Parkinson

    Ginger Parkinson tells stories that whisk the imagination where it can romp around like a loose puppy.  She spins curriculum-based stories at Freedom Academy Elementary School as their resident teller.  She lives in Springville with her husband and four children.


  • Tamra Pratt

    Tamra Pratt draws upon stories from her childhood, rewrites familiar fairy tales, and spins original ones. She sets her creations free in festivals, schools, retirement facilities, and many other places.  As a storyteller and a writer, her words flow with varying tempos.


  • Holly Robison

    Holly Robison will transport listeners to faraway lands, especially when she speaks German.  Holly’s favorite storytelling audience is her four children.  She explored storytelling while completing her Theater degree at BYU and served as Utah Storytelling Guild Olympus Chapter President.  She now lives in Oregon.


  • Dave & Carol Sharp

    Glastonbury (David & Carol Sharp) travels you back in time to the height of Celtic lore and music including Tudor England and Renaissance Europe.  Carol and Dave play many kinds of music such as haunting harp, flute, songs of long ago, and rousing dance tunes.


  • René Sheets

    René Sheets is famous for her yodeling stories.  She comes back to us after five years—from China and back, Texas and back, Poland and back, and now Nephi and back.  She loves teaching, sewing and growing a garden, but most of all she loves hearing, writing, and telling stories.


  • Jan C Smith

    Jan C. Smith uses her flair for humor and her experience as a reading intervention specialist to inform her performances and workshops.  Jan has coached young storytellers for the Murray School District for the past four years, and she taught adults storytelling at RootsTech.


  • Nanette Watts

    Nannette Watts embraces performing arts through her storytelling career, choreography background, and BFA in Music Dance Theatre from BYU.  She is the Artistic Director for Resonance Story Theatre and Director of the National Youth Storytelling Showcase.


  • Lynn Wing

    Lynn Wing studied Dramatic Arts at UC Berkeley, later attending BYU where she took storytelling and folklore classes.  Lynn authored “Remembering While We Still Can” with two other ladies on stories from the 1950s and 1960s.  Now she is part of the Story Crossroads Board.










WSU Children's School Storytellers: Cheryl Wendt, Sherrie West, Adrianna West, Stephanie Szanter, Sara Biehl