Regional Storytellers


  • Laurie Allen

    Laurie Allen entertains with American folktales and beyond as well as ghostly encounters, often using music.  Laurie has worked with the Ogden and Salt Lake City Ghost Tours since its inception.  She teaches music, performs in local plays, and heads the annual Clearfield Storytelling Festival.

  • Cathy Barker

    Cathy Barker has a love of life and a passion for nature and the outdoors. Her work with children and teenagers over the years has encompassed many magical storytelling moments. Cathy is the Co-Host of the weekly KPCW Radio Show, “The Story Mine”, which airs every Sunday morning at 8:30 am. (Listen in at 

  • Dale Boam

    Dale Boam has been telling everyone he won Utah’s Biggest Liar for years and since he finally won in 2017 it’s been... confusing.  Dale shares stories of growing up with his Large Animal Veterinarian Grandfather, a man with a heart for adventure and a loose relationship with personal safety and stories in ASL for people who don’t know ASL.

  • David Bullock

    David Bullock has been telling stories professionally for over 30 years. A founding member of the Utah Storytelling Guild and a retired Hard Rock Miner and Treasure Hunter, David has a treasure load of tales to tell; some more true than others.

  • Rob Burns

    Rob Burns brings his enthusiasm for stories to the stage as both a storyteller and one of the founders of the Teton Storytelling Festival. When he's not storytelling, he spins yarns of science for biology students as a professor at Brigham Young University—Idaho and performs in local theatre productions.


  • Kristen Clay

    Kristen Clay has circled the globe as a storyteller, actor, and teacher. She tells ancient mythology blended with modern phenomena, folk tales, stories of people of courage, personal tales, and true ghost stories. She is also the owner of Story Tours, Ogden and SLC Ghost Tours.

  • Cherie Davis

    Cherie Davis is an engaging teller that caused a child to yell “You rock!” at the end of her performance.  She heads an annual Story Camp for youth.  She also taught storytelling in schools, lectured in universities, and recently released her book “Spooks and Saints”.

  • Annie & Dan Eastmond

    Harvest Home (Annie & Dan Eastmond) are a husband and wife singing duo who tell stories and play six different instruments between them—guitar, fiddle, concertina, mandolin, banjo, and pennywhistle. They do Tandem Tales as well as solo telling.

  • Joan Effiong

    Joan Effiong is a consummate storyteller who focuses on African mythology. Growing up in Nigeria, Joan participated in multiple moonlight storytelling sessions from which she mastered content narrative process. In the last 12 years she has performed her childhood stories which teaches problem solving, and moral reasoning in many venues.

  • Ted Erekson

    Ted has been telling stories since he was a wee lad.  He love making people laugh and cry and scream.  He currently hold the title of Utah's 2nd Biggest Liar and is working on moving to the top spot this year.  Twisted fairy tales, stories of his childhood, and his own concoctions will leave any audience mesmerized.

  • Stephen Gashler

    Stephen Gashler uses his own material when he performs throughout Utah as a puppeteer and storyteller.  He has been doing this for years with his wife, Teresa.  He is the author of the young adult fantasy novel “The Bent Sword.”

  • Alan Griffin

    Alan Griffin has been an educator in Utah for the past 42 years.  He has always loved stories and has used them extensively in his teaching.  He has produced many original versions of classic fairy tales, and often uses puppets to enhance his presentations. He is the past president of the Ben Lomond Chapter of the Utah Puppetry Guild and has performed in many school and community settings.  

  • Rachel Hedman

    Rachel Hedman, M.A. received a national storytelling award for service and leadership. She completed her Storytelling Masters and celebrated 23 years as a storyteller. As Story Crossroads Executive Director, she will help with the 3rd Annual Story Crossroads on May 23, 2018 in Murray/South Jordan, Utah to become worldwide.


  • Suzanne Hudson

    Suzanne Hudson tells inspiring stories of discovery and adventure from Utah’s past, often stepping into 1st person historical characters in the Chautauqua tradition.  She is a member of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts and past president of the Utah Storytelling Guild.

  • Jim Luter

    Jim Luter, Ph.D., is a retired Professor of Speech. He taught his students to use stories in speeches, but never thought of telling a story by itself. A visit to the Timp. Festival changed that. His sense of humor makes his first-person tales hilarious, his fractured fairy tales a delight and his stories of little known incidents of US History exciting. His motto is: “Have story, will travel.”

  • George McEwan

    George McEwan is armed with the experience of a misspent childhood and frequent international travel mishaps, and it’s hard to tell truth from the tall tales he spins.  He currently is five-time winner of “Utah’s Biggest Liar” through the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.

  • Jean Andra Miller

    Jean Andra Miller shared legends and fables of French-speaking lands with her students when she taught French Studies at WSU for 34 years.  She has received the Karen J. Ashton Storytelling Award.  She’s one of our Bilingual Voices and serves on the Festival Committee.

  • Ginger Parkinson

    Ginger Parkinson tells stories that whisk the imagination where it can romp around like a loose puppy.  She spins curriculum-based stories at Freedom Academy Elementary School as their resident teller.  She lives in Springville with her husband and four children.

  • Jan C Smith

    Known for her humor and flair, Jan C. Smith is an engaging storyteller and an empowering workshop presenter.  Jan was invited to share a story at the National Storytelling Network Conference in Kansas City in 2017.    Jan's performance venues include the Timpanogoas Storytelling Festival and the Roots Technology Conference.

  • Lynn Wing

    For twenty-five years, Lynn Wing has been delighting and inspiring audiences of all ages from as close as her own backyard to as far away as Russia.  Her wealth of stories include traditional folktales, tall tales, fairytales, stories of the scary and creepy, and “somewhat true” personal stories.



WSU Children's School Storytellers: Cheryl Wendt, Sherrie West, Adrianna West, Stephanie Szanter, Sara Biehl