Adobe License

Faculty and Staff members are currently provided with an enterprise AdobeID. This allows them access to sign into and other adobe services using their Weber email. Full-Time employees and Faculty should sign in with their email address and student hourly positions will need to sign in using their email address.

What is an Adobe Named User License?

An Adobe Named Users license will allow you to tie your weber email address to an adobe ID. This license will give you access to download and install any of the Adobe Creative Cloud products as well as access to several of the Adobe Creative Cloud Services. Some of these services include:

  • Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Spark
  • Typekit
  • Photos

Where can I install my Adobe products?

Using a named user license you can install the Adobe Creative Cloud Products on any Weber State owned machine that you have administrative rights on. But your id can only be active on 2 devices at any given time. That means that if you install it on your Weber State owned laptop and desktop, if you were to then try to sign into one of the Adobe apps on your iPad, you would be prompted to sign out of one of the other devices.

I have requested a license now what do I do?

Now that you have a license, sign into  Your login will be your Weber State email which will then redirect you to our Central Authentication System (CAS). Once logged in you can download any of the Creative Cloud Desktop applications.

I want to install Adobe in a lab environment.

Named user licenses aren't meant to be used in lab environments. To get a serial licensed copy of any of the Creative Cloud applications please contact your CTC or the IT Service Desk.

My Apps tab is missing now that I have installed the new products.

Please follow the following link to find out how to resolve this issue. If you are still having trouble contact your CTC or the IT Service Desk at x7777.

How long is my license good for?

This license is good as long as you work for Weber State University and as long as Weber State maintains the contract.