Field Information

Social Work Students

When Social Work Students are enrolled in SW 3910, you are given an orientation by Mr. Steve Vigil, Field Director, about applying for Field Practicum, beginning with SW 4860.

The prerequisites for the Field (SW 4860) are:
    -Formal admittance to the Field Experience (Fill out application in SW 3910)
    -SW 3200 and SW 3500
 The SW 4860 class is taken concurrently with SW 3920 and SW 3930.
    *Note: If you wish to take the classes independently, you must get instructor approval.
    *Have all your general education requirements complete.

If you have previously taken SW 3910, but did not enter into the Field due to other classes needed, you should contact Steve Vigil, 801-626-6408. or email  when you are ready to begin the field experience.

Gerontology Students

Students who have completed the required prerequisites for a Gerontology Major or minor and are ready to enter Gert 4860 Field Course must meet with Mr. Steve Vigil on setting up their Field Practicum for Gerontology.  His contact information is:  or 801-626-6408.

Prerequisites to entering Gerontology 4860 are:
Gert 1010, Gert 3320, Gert 3500 with C grade or higher.

Prereguisites to entering Gerontology 4861 are:
Gert 3400, Gert 3500, Gert 4860 with C grade or higher.

Prerequisites to entering Gerontology 4990 are:
Gert 1010, Gert 3320, Research*, Gert 3500, Gert 3600 with C grade or higher.

*Research requirement, SW 3700 & SW 4800 (1 cr) is being substituted for Gert 3400 Research class until further notice.  See Social Work & Gerontology Office for Clarification or approval to enroll in this class.


Social Work Field Practicum Application                                              Faculty, Field, Student 1st Meeting, Midterm Meeting, Final Meeting Contact Form
4860 Student Practice Evaluation   Field Supervision 50, 75, 100, 150 Contact Form
4861 Student Practice Evaluation   Field Manual
Addendum 4860 Field   Midterm Evaluation
Addendum 4861 Field   NASW Code of Ethics
Capstone Senior Paper   Social Work Program Evaluation
Contract Field   Statement of Readiness
Exempt Contact Form   Student Evaluation of Fieldwork Placement
Faculty and Student 50, 100 Hour Contact Form   Time Log of Practicum Hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: Having a criminal history or legal issues in your past will not automatically keep you from becoming or practicing as a social worker. However, most field placement sites (internships) require a background check. Failure to pass a background check may limit field placement options, delay field placement, or prevent you from completing the required field internship. Sometimes these issues can be resolved through expungement procedures in the state where charges were adjudicated, OR, by working closely with an attorney to be able to reduce previous charges, OR, by working with the Board of Pardons. However, this process takes time. If you have any criminal issues in your past that might show up on a background check, you are encouraged to contact Professor Vigil IMMEDIATELY to discuss the potential impact on the field placement (801-626-6408 or