Dr. Thom Kearin, Associate Professor of Sociology

BA: 1971, City College of the City University of New York, Urban Anthropology

MA (equivalent): 1976, Hunter Graduate School of the City University of New York, Four Fields Anthropology/Archaeology.

PhD: 1984, Brigham Young University, Sociology

Dr. Kearin has been teaching at Weber since 1993 and has focused on the areas of: Social Problems, Deviance and Social Control, Criminology, Sociology of Law as well as the Sociology of Medicine and the Sociology of Education.

Dr. Kearin's areas of research while at Weber have been: the conflict in Northern Ireland (Catholic and Protestant Paramilitary Murals, Peace Process and Shared Government). Since 2004,Dr. Kearin has also been studying the socio- psychological construction of reality within early Christian monasteries in Ireland.