Science Communication and Public Outreach BIS Degree

The Science Communication and Public Outreach BIS degree option is designed for students with a passion for science and a desire to share it with the public. The program includes coursework in science, design, and communication, culminating in a capstone project that combines your scientific knowledge with communication to a wide array of audiences.

Degree Requirements

The Science Communication and Public Outreach program consists of four components: communication emphasis, design emphasis, science/technology emphasis, and the capstone project. 

  • Communication emphasis courses:
    • COMM 1020 - Principles of Public Speaking
    • COMM 1130 - Media Writing
    • COMM 1500 - Intro to Mass Communication -or- COMM 2010 Mass Media and Society
    • COMM 2110 - Interpersonal and Small Group Communication
    • COMM 3000 - Communication Theory
    • 9 credits COMM electives, including 6 credits upper division
  • Design emphasis options:
    • Art
    • Data Analytics
    • Interior Design
    • Professional and Technical Writing
    • User Experience Design
  • Science and technology emphasis options:
    • Choose from an emphasis area in the College of Science, College of Social and Behavioral Science, College of Business and Economics, Engineering and Applied Science, or Health and Human Performance. See the list of participating departments.
  • Science Communication and Outreach Capstone:
    • Experience working with the public in a science outreach capacity
    • Research experience in area of emphasis

For more information or to meet with an advisor, please contact:

Beth Thompson
Administrative Specialist
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Stewart Library 326