Franklin Covey’s Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager

Small business leaders and teams have quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. The lack of time management, poor persuasion skills, scope creep, and no formal project or process training, all combine to raise the probability of project failure costing small businesses time, money and employee morale.

This work session will help participants consistently complete projects successfully. They will learn to implement a disciplined process to execute projects and to master informal authority to inspire the team.

People + Process = Success

Project management isn’t just about managing logistics and hoping the project team is ready to play to win. The skills of “informal authority” are more important than ever before, so team members are inspired to contribute to the project's success!

This training is designed for small business leaders and teams with little or no previous project management experience. Attendees learn a proven five-step process to complete high-quality projects, big or small, on time and within budget. They also learn four foundational behaviors required to work with a team of people to achieve project success.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Initiate shared and measurable project outcomes
  • Identify project risks
  • Recognize a realistic, well-defined project schedule
  • Connect team member engagement with consistent accountability
  • Monitor and control project status and change
  • Close out a project for future success

The Ogden Small Business Development Center at Weber State University is pleased to not only provide an opportunity for small business leaders and teams to take the Franklin Covey Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager training by a certified instructor at a minimal cost, but also receive free personalized coaching.

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