Digital Signs Layout Options

Student Affairs departments with digital signs must use one of the following layouts with their screen to ensure cohesiveness and the ability for SA Marketing to create graphics for you. ScreenCloud makes it easy to switch up your layouts for your screen. They provide prebuilt zones, or you have the ability to customize your own zones as well. We use landscape mode, landscape mode with the app, portrait mode, and portrait mode with the app.

Choose Your Orientation

Choose the orientation that best matches your digital screen (landscape or portrait).


Landscape Options

Option 1 - Full Screen

  • Graphic Size: 1920px by 1080px""

Option 2 - Graphic & Side App

  • Graphic Size: 1440px by 1080px""

Portrait Options

Option 1 - Full Screen

  • Graphic size: 1080px by 1920px""

Option 2 - Graphic with Bottom App

  • Graphic Size: 1080px by 1306px""

App Options

ScreenCloud has an App Store that lists available apps for you to choose from depending on your content needs. Examples that have been used: Building Directory, Noticeboard, Weather, Social Media, and more.

ScreenCloud Apps

Printable Digital Signs Layouts (PDF)

Questions? Contact Dani McKean