The Professional Sales Speed Interviewing event was a sucess! See some of the comments below:


Thank you for your efforts. It's fun to be involved with the college. We have made contact with several current students to pursue employment opportunities.

Thanks again,

Jerry Mariner
Associated Packaging

Thank you, it was a pleasure. I would like to participate again and I learned a few things that I can do to be more beneficial. 

Thanks again,

Steve Robinson
Robinson Waste Services

From all of us here at eHealth we want to thank Weber State and the Professional Sales faculty. The Speed Interview Event was phenomenal to be a part of and was extremely beneficial in helping us get to know the next generation of top sales agents for eHealth Insurance. We have already begun contacting many of the graduates that we spoke with as we begin to hire this spring and summer.
The Speed Interview Event also allowed our executive team to see the value in working with a university to create a talent pool of qualified and experienced sales professionals. This event was eye opening to a lot of decision makers here at eHealth and I hope to continue to grow the relationship with Weber State to become a more influential part of the Professional Sales program.
Once again, thank you for putting together such a successful event with a highly successful program.
Best Regards,
Breon Howe
eHealth Insurance Co.
Medicare Sales Consultant/Supervisor

Thank you, Ranee
It was a lot of fun!  I would love to participate again. I did receive several viable candidates. There were certainly a wealth of talented students in attendance!
Thank you for partnering with Teleperformance to help your students find career opportunities.
My Best,
Lori DeBry
Recruiting Lead
Teleperformance USA

Thank you!

It was a good event and we spoke with a lot of qualified students. I would like to be able to participate more with the professional sales department. Could you let me know about some more opportunities in the future?  Also, I'd like to talk about establishing a small scholarship fund, too.


Joseph A. Davis
Davis Financial LLC