Social media mogul, Northern Utah native Shonduras signs deal with Viacom

Shaun McBride — known on social media as Shonduras — and other content creators work at the Space Station on Jan. 5, 2017, in Clearfield.

ANNA BURLESON, Standard-Examiner Staff

Shaun McBride was traveling from Texas to Utah Friday, but he wasn’t going to be home for long.

The social media mogul known as “Shonduras” said he was going to speak at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, California, and then do some consulting work with Taco Bell.

“It’s definitely busy, but my personality is that I love the busy-ness,” he said in a phone interview on the way to the airport. “I really like to work hard, but I like playing hard.”

McBride has worked with about 100 brands, was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and this year, his YouTube channel topped 1 million subscribers.

And earlier this month, McBride had his most recent success: signing an exclusive, one-year content creation and consultation deal with the media company Viacom Velocity. In addition to making original and branded content for the company, McBride will help hone its social media strategy, Variety reported.

McBride said he’s excited to work with Viacom’s brands he grew up with, like Nickelodeon and MTV.

“It’s fun to see myself progressing,” he said, laughing.

McBride gained popularity on Snapchat and through numerous YouTube videos with his friends at their office called the Space Station. The videos include indoor snowboarding, tricks on various electric motorized vehicles and even a live 28-hour lockdown inside the Space Station.

Despite his success, McBride doesn’t have plans to leave Utah. He and his wife, Jenny, bought land on a lake in Syracuse and are building their home there, as well as a Space Station 2.0.

“I really love Utah,” he said.

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Shaun McBride — known on social media as Shonduras — and other content creators work at the Space Station Jan. 5, 2017, in Clearfield.

Despite his busy schedule, McBride is taking the time to speak at his alma mater, Weber State University, at 8:30 a.m. March 29 in the Wildcat Theater.

Alan Hall Center for Sales Excellence Director Mikelle Barberi Weil said he was selected as a guest lecturer to inspire students in the professional sales program to take risks and realize they can tailor their degree to fit their passions.

“He’s a wonderful success story,” Weil said. “He’s rooted in his home state, he’s become this social media sensation and he’s developed a way to make people happy.”

Weil said Shonduras is so popular she might have to change the location of the event because the theater might not hold the crowd he draws.

McBride has been a presenter at Weber State events in the past but said this event will be part motivational speech and part pro tips for digital media.

“I liked Weber,” he said. “I felt like it was very like down to earth, with just normal people, and it wasn’t like a big show. It was my local school.”