About the Alan E. Hall Center For Sales Excellence


Our Mission

The Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence was established to promote and advance the art and science of professional selling. The state-of-the-art sales center converges academic insights with real-world industry experience, shares best practices and thought leadership, and prepares students for future professional sales careers.


Our Focus

With 17 classes and 48 credit hours specifically designed around sales curriculum, the Sales Center will help promote the development of sales technology and theory-based techniques while linking students to faculty and experienced sales professionals and organizations.



Our Goal

The goal of the Sales Center is to be the nexus of a community of learners, educators, benefactors and companies using and creating sales technologies all centered around a world-class hub for instruction, sales expertise and recruitment.



Our Impact

The unique opportunities found in the Alan E. Hall Center for Sales Excellence and the Department of Professional Sales at Weber State
University, combined with dynamic industry partnerships, will accelerate momentum in sales leadership that is far reaching and can be found across the globe.